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- I found that holding a purple cup sipped tea taste
- I dare say that a person should be done to complete his mission
- Then I began motherhood mentors to start
- When you take the question to him shouting wronged
- I can have a bright mood to give up worldly noise

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  I found that holding a purple cup sipped tea taste Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

----- I use now to save your sentiment thoughts intentions to sentiment around every friend perhaps you will find their smiles may be your innermost spring hard to perception of life it is a process of thoughts it is an individual can know If the mind can blossom Wu is a feeling Wu also some old friends those years we caught the girl now become someone else's wife those years together at the same table with us her now become a mother in life we ​​ so, too Perhaps one day even if you stand bottom looked up at the sky have eternal moment Have you ever miss someone wrote for you bandit poem Have you ever heard someone for you to play chords time Ferris wheel like the water of the Yangtze and Yellow unceasing torrent change regardless of how the years some people will always be engraved in your life not forgotten will not be erased Regardless of how the recession memory which Payouyitian forget her voice forget her face can Whenever I think that feeling never change ray ban highstreet thoughts are kept memories idea is to continue to progress now want to have a happy is to make you feel happy need now happy is to let you enjoy a happy moment you let me now to save my messy thoughts and insights Then was young time was young. Flowers Blooming good. listen to a lot of friends around talking about the movie "Under the Hawthorn Tree," the Ministry said it was moving purely wonderful film. So, with a certain comrades struggle, he invited me to go to. XX comrades stand up to my chatter Ruanmoyingpao, finally I went to the movies with. Living in Guangzhou so many years, this is the first time a certain Comrade Please I go to the movies.

He bought a ticket, I took him to buy popcorn. He muttered:; watch a movie, pretty much required! I looked at him and smiled Dimeishunyan:; I watch movies with my son have to buy popcorn to eat! In fact, it is fragrant and sweet popcorn makes it easy for a little girl's I returned. Then happiness can be just like popcorn expansion plump and full of aroma. memory, with a handful of certain comrades watched a few movies. Remember the first time to see the movie just to know him shortly after, when he was a poor student military academy. My friends and buddies unanimously asked him to treat watching movies. But he turned down, bite the bullet and agreed. We both walked side by side on the road to see the movie, summer blurred lights dim, I do not know whether he hesitated long, and finally summon the courage to tell me whispered:; me, I did not have any money! Embarrassed and shy because of his reddened face and made me feel a bit cute in an instant. I did not care to comfort him:; okay! I treat! And then later go to the movies, the Spring Festival is approaching two years later, when we're ready to get married. He has been on leave back some trivial things busy. Until finally have time to accompany me to the movies, gafas ray ban aviator baratas the film began not long after, my side came the heavy grunt. Remember when I was angry, hate and pity. Story made rules, or continue to say that we see in Guangzhou this first movie. Aesthetic sincere exciting story, from start to finish no one; I love you, no one warm kiss, but a look of an action are the most profound confession of love, a lot of touching episode I could not help shed a tear.

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 I dare say that a person should be done to complete his mission Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Tea language initially tea most ignorant, the most immature impression from watching a child in the home when the big people together to talk, grandmother to put into a small cup of tea dry, hot boiling water and then after the end of the case to the guests. My child is so callow no chance to drink tea, water, hiding in a small corner of a small cup of sugar, entertain, had made me feel better than big people to be happy times. Tea time, I feel just great people dedicated. tea first shift in understanding about the summer when sophomore. That summer, we moved into a new home. Under the newly acquired filtered water dispenser, a better father to store bags of tea. Dad wildly to catch fresh all day gafas ray ban clubmaster long soak some tea to drink. Lowering blood pressure, lipid Xing time, so we prove the most is Ilex, but he is not out to tell. A bar, a film, a red water, bitter taste on Proton up. Always curious to sit and watch, fine chemicals Dad this tea, one to enjoy it. Heart reckon this tea so good? While Dad leave for a while, quickly rushed to the mouth small sip,; ah, Keke! Good bitter! Instinctively spit out. That tea in my consciousness, it was not tasty. Moment of tea, it is difficult to drink, but I know, tea, beneficial to our health, healthy, then think it is not the hospital. Therefore, a small quiet and, as is often. However, recent insights of tea from their own body weight dissatisfaction. Then, I heard that drinking tea can lose weight, 150 kilos of endless I am keen that drinking tea on weight loss, do not exercise, big good thing.

Thus, starting from the father secretly brought tea box with lipid-lowering tea drink, talk with their father mouth to clear mind, in fact, was Chuaizhuo is another idea. So, my father very patiently taught me to wash the tea, tea. Holding under the weight reduction purposes, began to drink Pu'er. Every weekend home, I soak a glass cup, breathing into his mouth to drink. Heart meditation; win! Insistence by for a month, and control appetite, decreased weight has indeed been on. At the same time, I found that holding a purple cup, sipped tea taste, indeed better than any items are wonderful, are refreshing. I also put on my face just to enjoy a good brew of steaming hot tea, Pu'er entire head engine in unique fragrance among its fragrance attracted me tightly, as if with infinite power. At this time, I fell in love with tea moisture, tea seems to be feeling better than ten thousand kinds of wonderful items, agreeable. savoring a cup of tea that people need in order to reflect the value of such a hasty drink, no child got a charm. Ordinary people can make a cup of tea to quench ray ban baratas their thirst, it should be done to complete the mission. But do people thirst cup of tea, then why not? People do need to savor a cup of tea, but also a realm of self-improvement. I dare say that a person should be done to complete his mission, he worthy of the world. If you put your accomplishments to the next level once again, that is high Pathwalker! A cup of fragrant tea to do to hide, let people savor, or make a cup of plain tea, let people digestion Keyu. slow thoughts, tea Road, deeply inherent to rhyme.

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  Then I began motherhood mentors to start Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Men began to blame the woman does not know any better. He does not know how to cherish blame. If she does not cherish you, there is such a sad yet? Please think good to say. All in all, not because women have been deeply in love with you? Not that I hope you spend more time with some more? If she loves someone else, even if you neglect a lifetime, for a lifetime of neglect her, what does it matter? heart hurt too. Too much pain, thought he would not stop the tears. No matter what women do, capricious, or accidentally hurt you, she never deliberately to hurt the hearts of men. And now, because of what the man on the words again and again, with the behavior of a woman's heart to severely sting? ? ? The reason is very simple, just because a woman to a man, as always, love! ! ! Woman's sad, suffering, men are gone a little distressed. What is sad is that the taste of it? Sad to gafas ray ban cats baratas a certain extent, it becomes bitter. Hard to love, so that women become lost, becoming cold. A storm, gardeners do not have to care for the flower, the rain stopped, the flowers have the body is injured. Mahogany, scattered all over the floor. flowers covered with wounds seem to hear a word; like a prescription. Flowers wry smile, and so want to open that day, I do not love you anymore. Because everything you do either love me or hurt me, and I have no relationship. Because I do not care, it does not exist like to open not want to open up. Flowers carried away, let the tears flow down slowly.

dripping on the scarred bother. Mahogany told her:; your tears are not salty, bitter.Step away, very hard times persist night's younger brother next door to the store dangling in front of my shop and saw a piece hanging in the ceiling, billboards, want to work on my flexibility and expansion of power, so a run-up to a leg Looking this billboard, but unfortunately it poor so ten centimeters. He was very sorry, and I told him to further efforts may be kicked target. He tried again, still did not succeed. I say; lad, do not try and strive not this minute two minutes, it needs to pay for some time effort. Then I began motherhood mentors to start, because he's been with me a while back about his future exchange problem, so I said; this case I had to analyze the nature of life with you again, you see, you always want to with asking for the moon, yes, I think you, you savvy, smart people, in fact, can slowly close to success, but unfortunately because you are young, in fantasy, not pragmatic, not enough patience, not enough stick. Had to do anything to slow down, is not overnight, but in the long run count. Sidongfeidong lad, I did not experience some of the words that seemed so weak. fact, these words are they not talking to myself. Once, I gafas ray ban jackie ohh II also have a lot of dreams, in fact, I also constantly trying, success and failures, but far from my real goal. After so many years and years to pay, I think I understand, flat mentality, not rash, sure of himself, and then trying to get down to each step, I believe that the future can make their own satisfaction. step away, very hard times persist, we can do a lot of dreams to be realized.

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 When you take the question to him shouting wronged Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Through the years did not return, emotions can not be missed again. many things can not be changed even if the back. Many people destined never meant to perhaps the only way was precious, it is more cherished. give up a kind of wisdom. "Ming Meng who foresight in not wise to avoid danger in the invisible." Only learn to give up in order to make themselves more tolerant, more wise. Abandon not wake a nightmare, not a June snow, nor is indecisive, more than died down, but a calm stairs, strolling lightly. Abandon a spiritual awakening, is a manifestation by nature, as Lin put the bird back, put the fish into the water. Life is tough sailing, and never will be smooth sailing. When you have to give up, give it decisively. Let go, and goes far! Have to give up, to be pursued. What people do not want to give up, but will lose the most precious thing. only down, to free hand to, grab yours truly joy and happiness! learn to put down, will live out your wonderful life! Abandon the pain caused by the loss, humiliation left to give hatred, to give up the endless bickering,gafas de sol ray ban 3475 endless excuse to give up, give up on emotional expect to give up the desire for money, only to give up vanity entanglement hesitate to abandon those times want to side, unrealistic things, your world can be sunny. Blue skies, you will suddenly comprehend "Small homes, large homes large enough, not reluctant," the true meaning. Mc, Andy The taste of love ...... sometimes it tastes sweet, and sometimes will taste very sour. Sometimes the taste is bitter. However, people tend to want to eat one. Love the taste of the ups and downs, in which the taste, so you never forget. Snow White story, beautiful. But who knows, after the prince revived princess in love in the process, they are not really happiness? beginning, love is always sweet.

He's everything that surrounds you. He can really be called a diligent gardener, watering daily care of the flower blooming flowers. Whether the sun is shining or the storm. Under his protection, opened strong and charming. This time, love is sweet. No matter what you do, right, wrong. He is doubly love. Your little voice, he will be excited to heard from. A long time, you dig the heart to him, and as such people moving love. He is your guardian angel, you decide the case. His love for you, you remember the bones gone. I do not know how long, love the taste becomes sour. Like Chili same. Just eat sweet when children go to the heart, and eating eating, I feel good acid, the acid into the heart of children really are gone. Cry but can not say why. Wronged, say, how to say. I had intense love, love in the face for no reason. Because I love you like you, that leave no stone unturned to contact you. Even the toilet, but also make a phone call. Now I do not know love or bored. When you take the question to him shouting wronged, he would be very reluctant to back a:; I'm on the toilet, I have other things. I can not control anything right. Yes, ah, what can blame him, people are in the toilet ah. love, people always can find all kinds of reasons to express love, to prove love. Not love, who is also able to identify a variety of normal reasons to refuse to gafas ray ban wayfarer oferta love yourself slack. man, love you always find ways to get your contacts with you. Tired of slack time, that even if you think he is, for him, is a kind of yoke, a burden. obviously cold, and obviously hurt you, say you do not know him, he is not considerate to control him. You already know the reason is so wronged and unwilling, do not do everything, and insisted on that point. Not to say it can not do anything else, do not hurt the heart, men do not do a little remorse?

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 I can have a bright mood to give up worldly noise Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Sorrowful ending made me cry even more Xilihuala. Certain comrades in a movie theater laughing at me:; You're not grown up that way! Need it to cry it? I whole people still immersed in the beautiful and sad story scenes escape. I told a certain comrade said:;, I really like the movie actor. Tall, handsome, clean, clear, and that sunny smile enough to impress every woman's heart. XX comrades am very impressed. He said he felt the actor does not look good, but is very pure, pleasant actress. Perhaps the most deeply moving story lies not. Only to lose, will always be remembered. If Jingqiu and youngest happily came together through the plain fleeting abrasive, they will then fall in love? Teenage years, who did not unforgettable love? Who does not pay off the purest and most sincere affection? I recall happy times with certain comrades. At that time, we have separated the two, how worried about each other fondly. Remember a time of farewell, which one is not gafas de sol ray ban baratas feeling of sadness turns know what to say? Which is not back tears across hesitant? I remember once, because temporary duty, the way he came back pocket. Telephone contact is not very convenient time, I was a student went home to play, he eagerly looking for me everywhere. When I finally found our share of joy and hugged laugh really unspeakable. can later later later, when we finally reunited together, friction and conflict over time, we are no longer attached to each other in joy, and no longer care about each other's grief. Homecoming, we seem to have forgotten that we have been so in love before. what would we change? It is time ruthless knife it? Perhaps, we should be eager to tell each heart. Since life destined together, do not let love barren, take care of each other cherish it! By the time the old, in addition to this and join you old man, who will love you face the vicissitudes of life, who would you waiting around tottering footsteps? !

Life has only homes ...... willing to smile and get friendship; willing to tolerance, to get the atmosphere; willing to be honest, was a friend; willing to face and got a really; willing to wine and women, get healthy; willing reputation, get the Happy; willing to charity, get a good name; Red willing to give the Senior; willing small, there may be large; willing to close, it is possible to get away. willing some spirit, it is possible to get some kind of substance, willing to a substance, it is possible to get some kind of spirit. And some people is to two Thin and fight, fight for a Jianming, a vanity, a vinegar, value it? Tired? willing to be willing, there are homes there too; gains and losses gains and losses, gains will be lost. This world is so wonderful, why should you pursue a hard target. let go, goes far! Have to give up, to be pursued. what people do not want to give up, but will lose the most precious thing. There is a very classic: When you clasped hands, nothing inside; When you open your hands, the world is in your hands. Know how to give up in order to live a fulfilling life in a limited, full, strong! Was the calm! Loss of the indifferent! down, the choice is a state of mind; down, is learning a soul; down, is the wisdom of life. Yellow leaves give up the trunk, verdant spring to look forward to; candle abandon perfect body, I can have a bright; mood to give up worldly noise, can have a quiet. put pressure, get relaxed; down worry, be happy; down low self-esteem, gain confidence; down lazy, get enriched; down the negative, to get ahead; down to complain, get comfortable; down hesitate to get chic; narrow down, get comfortable. 2014 ray ban Life is a choice, and choose to give up is an art, the human voice is a required course. No bold abandon, no brilliant choice. Its struggling golf badly beaten, as smartly waved bravely choose to give up. Why life feeling tired heart? problem is that you have not learned to put down. down was brilliant, down past suffering, down the old romance, remove all the burden.

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